Electric Live at art.bem

Rok: 2008
Czas: 01:04:36

The Electric Live was registered at a very good time for Pilichowski Band. We’d just finished a few dozen club concerts all across Poland so the material was fresh and the band was in really good musical form. This concert was another one on a long tour - very exceptional because it was registered for CD and DVD. We turned the “Art Bem” concert hall into a recording studio. Łukasz Błasiński took the lead and recorded everything on multitrack. Those recordings were sent to the Woobie Doobie Studio where I had the pleasure of mixing and mastering the material. The album - for a concert recording - sounds very sterile, almost like a studio album, all due to the unique acoustic characteristics of “Art Bem”. The live audience gave us a lot of energy and in return we gave them a lot of emotion and happiness. 
Wojtek Olszak

1. Milion dni (W.Pilichowski)

2. Millerium'o (W.Olszak,W.Pilichowski)

3. Funky (W.Olszak)

4. Message in a bottle (Sting)

5. Po Lekcjach (W.Pilichowski)

6. So what (M.Davis)

7. 1998 (W.Pilichowski)

8. Bad jam (W.Olszak)

9. Nowe buty (S.Cleancy, W.Pilichowski, M.Raduli)

10. Bass dance (W.Pilichowski)

11. CTA (J.Heath)