Fair Of Noise

Rok: 2010
Publisher: Universal Music Polska
Czas: 49:59

Musical journalists usually try to put an album into a category o genre. It's the easiest way to write about music. I'm far from trying to lock Wojtek Pilichowski into any category. The result would resemble an instrument case of a globetrotter musician. Tightly packed and with a ton of colourful stickers. Instead, I'll honestly write about what I hear. The one outstanding quality of "Fair of Noise" is without a doubt - passion, diversity, wit, both musical and vocal contained in recitals (do not confuse with hip-hop). This record isn't only for bassists. True, they are the ones who will pick it up first. Apart from the dynamic themes and impressive solos, played using the slap technique and accompanied by an incredibly precise rhythm section, the record features two melodic ballads, sung by Lena Romul and Ela Stasiuk and even classic artists of other genres - archival fragments of the recordings of Stanisław Grzesiuk, Zbigniew Hołdys in "Ludzie" (people). The suspence is built steadily over the duration of the record and finds its solution in the song "Superstition". The Stevie Wonder hit i sung by Reggie Worthy and Hania Stach. 

The album came into existance in a few recording studios and connected a few dozen musicians. Overall a total of nine people are responsible for the recording of all the tracks. The production and the final mix is the work of Wojtek Pilichowski and Wojtek Olszak, both of which deserve congratulations for another record well done - consistant in sound, diverse stylistically and intriguing in reception. 

Wojtek Wytrążek

01 - Intro

02 - Pan Balwan

03 - Awariat

04 - Meat Ball

05 - Skradaj

06 - Fair Of Noise

07 - Szemrany Kawalek

08 - Posto (Duet Na Wschodniej)

09 - Ludzie

10 - Kac Vegas

11 - Niemilknacy Szept