Jazzga Live

Rok: 2004
Publisher: Fonografika
Czas: 55:16

"Concert recordings are very important to me, and Jazzga Live is my first such album. A record of a particular day and place tells the truth about the artist and man. Therefore jitters was large. I asked my musician friends for backup, guys with whom I played many times in different configurations, including WoobieDoobie: W.Olszak, M.Dąbrówka, M.Nowakowski and the new kid Bartek Papierz. We recorded mainly songs known from the first three solo albums plus the premiering Bass Dance. Worked out well. "
Wojtek Pilichowski

01. Bass Talk

02. Mіyn dobry

03. Marcus

04. Bass Dance

05. Millerjum'O

06. Funky

07. Message in a Bottle

08. Twoje 4 strony

09. Kowboy z Pragi

10. Slap Machine