Concert at Kliczków Castle

Rok: 2012
Publisher: Fonografika
Czas: 01:11:26

In 2011 The Kliczkow Castle near Boleslawiec was the place where the Blues on Bóbr musical workshops were being held. The Pi-Band concert thus had a special kind of atmosphere due to the beautiful surroundings, the castle, but most of all the listeners, their friends and a few of Wojteks' most loyal fans. This almost family like atmosphere will draw the casual DVD watcher as well, especially when we begin with a short documentary about the workshops. The setlist consisted of 22 tracks. Despite the apparent stylistic differences and the time when the tracks were created, this fusion is very consistent. Without a doubt it has to do with new arrangements, added keyboard parts, a second bass guitar and saxophone. The concert had to feature standard elemetns such as: Bass Dance, Slap Machine, New Shoes, Bad Jam, The Good Mill. The band was also refreshed - Wojtek i accompanied by Lena Romul (sax, vocal), Tomasz Świerk (keyboards), Tomasz Mądzelewski (drums), Artur Twarowski (guitar), Mateusz Biegaj (keyboards, bass). A few lucky workshop trainees had the chance to play along with Wojteks' band - a wonderful memoir in the form of a solo or a vocal part on one of the Masters records. As a bonus there are 3 tracks played by the workshop participants. As if that weren't enough, there are also photos from the Pi-Band rehersals and tour - where there was (and is) a lot of love. The dynamic framing of the film harmonises with the music. Luckily there aren't a lot of quick cuts in the film, which would be tiresome. Instead, the experienced hands of camera operators, paired with quite a few stationary cameras and a crane produced a great picture. The precision with which the musical parts were played, was also visible in the visual aspect. The same can be said about the sound - whose recording was the responsibility of Łukasz Błasiński. Mixing and mastering was done by Wojtek Olszak and the 5.1 version was done by Piotr Remiszewski. The concert was also recorded as a CD which, for technical reasons, contained 15 tracks. These were chosen in such a way as to not leave anything out of the record, which would diminish it's impact. I go back to the castle record on a regular basis and with great pleasure, though personally I prefer the DVD. 

Wojtek Wytrążek