Live Staryblues Festival

Rok: 2008
Czas: 01:12:12

"The originators of this album were wonderful people, who despite scarce resources have been crafting amazing atmosphere of festival concerts Satyrblues for many years . My band's performance was recorded there in Tarnobrzeg in 2008, as part of the Electric Live Tour. Songs on this album are the most famous pieces of my solo albums Granat, Lodołamacz and Pi. "
Wojtek Pilichowski

01. Intro / Po Lekcjach

02. Bass Dance

03. Bad Jam

04. Nowe Buty

05. So What

06. Marcus

07. Western Grochow

08. Szyjmy Na Basie

09. Profilaxe (Bass Talk)

10. Mlyn Dobry

11. Slap Machine

12. Outro

13. Funky

14. Message In A Bottle